Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ace of Bass

You know I just hate to complain about anything! BUT, the school my granddaughter attends has put her in a huge catch 22 over the orchestra class and the instrument she plays, which is the Double Bass.

There are many problems resulting from trying to be a bassist in the school orchestra.  A double bass is too expensive to buy to have in the home for the musician to practice with, in order to make good grades in orchestra.  The only practice she gets is in school, in the class!
Her grandfather and I could have made arrangements to provide one. But the main problem is keeping it safe at the house from getting broken by curious siblings.
I often wonder how this is handled in other families.  People do study and learn to play musical instruments as they are growing up - but maybe they are all kids with no sibs!  

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Marytoo said...

I had a similar problem in junior high. No double bass, but the cello, which is not quite as unmanageable. I was allowed to take one home to practice, however .... getting it there was problematic enough that it didn't happen very often. Usually I had tons of homework, and no backpacks in those days, so just carrying all those books was a big deal. Then have to have an extra seat on the bus for the cello. And then after the bus it was a big trek up a big hill to our apartment. ACK.