Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wish In One Hand...

This is a beautiful day in Fall 2012.  I wish I was at the beach!  It would be a perfect time to enjoy being by the ocean having a cuppa coffee.  But I'm doing fine having coffee surrounded by dry land and millions of brown leaves covering the ground.  Things could be better but they could be a lot worse too!

I wish I could head down to the fancy mall and buy lots of beautiful, expensive clothes for my family.  Even though we have plenty of wardrobe, the shops are tempting and the cool new styles are just calling out for us.  But, the crowds and noise make me tired right away and then i'd be wishing for the back porch and sweeping leaves again.  And who can afford $60 for a sweatshirt? 

I wish we could all go out to eat and have yummy smokin' hot food brought to us while other people do all the work!  But, seems like every time we go to a restaurant somebody gets an upset stomach.  And who wants to pay $35 to eat eggs in a restaurant when a dozen and a half eggs only cost $2.50 at the store?

Well, I've used up all three wishes for today!

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Marytoo said...

While you're wishing you might as well wish big. But you know what, it's funny, no matter how big the wish is, life always boils down to the simple things.