Friday, January 5, 2018

Freeze-Back Friday - Winter Memories

November 2015, winter storm Ajax hits western U.S. states. Here is a report about roads in Arizona during the storm: Throughout the day Monday, icy road conditions sent cars sliding, resulting in temporary road closures across the state. Snow and ice on state roadways continued to impact traffic Monday night, causing numerous delays, the Department of Transportation reported.
Does the description include jokes about how Arizona drivers don't know how to drive in snow and ice? NO. It's the ICY ROAD CONDITIONS that sent the cars sliding, making the drivers' skill levels irrelevant.

But let us get snow in Georgia/Alabama/South Carolina, we get no sympathy when our cars slide around and crash like bumper cars. It's all our own faults, because we "don't know how to drive in it."
Folks, there's no safe driving on ice and frozen snow. If you're not bashing into someone, they are slip sliding to crunch into you.
That's why sensible southerners get out to the store when they hear storm warnings. Then when the snow hits they stay home.
It doesn't happen very often. Maybe that's why we get so much ridicule. Because people who live in cold winter states are just damn jealous.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Well, Hush My Mouth

 Being embarrassed by what one's spouse says is sometimes a subtle undertone of ownership. But a person doesn't own their spouse.
  Why would you be embarrassed by what someone else says, as if you're responsible for their actions?  A spouse isn't a child, they are a whole entire separate person.
It's like when I, a female and a wife, say something that the men don't agree with - they look at my husband as if he should feel disgraced because I voiced an opinion that wasn't popular.  "Oh, you can't control your woman!"
The fact is, he doesn't own me, and as a free human being my thoughts can be expressed freely.  
Walking on eggshells is a miserable way to live, especially for a married couple.  When I speak, it's for the purpose of expressing what I believe.  Not to mislead or manipulate, or to control a situation by hiding the truth.
Acknowledging a person's sovereignty over their own life is a happy way for adults to live together, because they respect each other.  Not because one believes they own the other.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Human trafficking has stubbornly remained in current news, with reports of overwhelming numbers of victims worldwide.  Obviously, a belief that freedom is a gift from God that should be considered an inalienable right, is not shared in much of earth's society.

Religious hierarchies and their clergy's default starting position is to assume that there is a natural right to demand obedience.  That a human's own preferences and decisions are to be considered least and last, if at all.  That a human has no obligation to the care and improvement of self whatsoever, but a complete obligation to sacrifice that self to the survival and promotion of whatever brand of God's bullies he may find himself.

An example of this is seen in most schools or kindergartens (here in the U.S.) that I have experience with.  A child refusing to share a toy that another child is demanding to play with, is told by his parent or teacher that he must share the toy, even if it's an object that the child was given and considers his own property.  His ownership is invalidated, and he's taught in effect, that he may not own or control property - that anyone can appear and demand he surrender what he considered his own, and that he has no right to refuse.

A person who abuses a child in any way, has this mindset and attitude - that the child does not have a right or a say in what is going to be done to him.  An abuser does not consider that a child has any more right than a dog or cat to control his body.

A child who is taught that people have no rights or sovereignty over their body, grows into an adult who sees nothing wrong with ignoring boundaries of another human being.

This disrespect is blatant in the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society organization [cult], (of which my family and I were members for many years), and of course, all religions that claim that God wants them to translate and administrate his word. The control they insist on retaining, denies a person the right to consider his own self as belonging to himself. They use unrelenting mind-control programs with the intent of instilling self-doubt, so that the victim is ever dependent and therefore OWNED.

I personally went into this cult with no inkling of what awaited me as far as destruction of my own will. I experienced frequent cognitive dissonance which I suppressed any time that independent thinking was referred to as "bad and sinful." The training is apparent and heavy-handed for a woman, when repeatedly hearing that she has no right before Jehovah (God) to refuse to submit.  Being submissive of her time and work for the organization, being submissive to her husband in every aspect of life including sexually, is the only way to receive acceptance and recognition. She only becomes something by becoming nothing.

In 2015 the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse began investigating the WT and found incontrovertible evidence of further damage caused to victims by the WT's own policies.  Child sexual abuse allegations as well as confessed abuse were kept secret and went unreported to police:

In March of 2017, the WT was revisited by the Royal Commission, to determine the level of change and improvement of their policies concerning child sexual abuse and protection of children from predators within their organization.

These sessions were recorded and can be viewed on - start with
Royal Commission hearing, Day 1 Part 1 - well worth the time and effort to get a look at what the administration of a world-wide secretive cult actually perpetrated the last 100-plus years.  Their official line is to deny that their policies have harmed anyone, and that the evidence of their bungling is all a lie from Satan.

But now we can see the truth with our own eyes - no "faith" needed - the facts and the perpetrators are exposed, thanks to the Australians' Royal Commission.

Saturday, September 24, 2016