Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday: STAY

Five Minute Friday

Five minute Friday is all about writing whatever comes first to your mind when you read the word for this Friday - for just five minutes, no stopping to worry about how it sounds.

So the word for today is STAY.  Right away i'm thinking of Jackson Browne singing Stay just a little bit longer!  was that a great song or what!  All about how a performer was enjoying rocking out on stage with his band so much that he wished they could all ignore their schedules and keep on making music together even after the audience had gone.  He was appreciating the gift of musicians blending their skills.

Everyone loves to be appreciated but it takes time to understand an individual for who they are.  Life goes along better if we're aware of the need to observe and quickly recognize something positive about the people around us, and then appreciate it all.

Because nothing can stop change and nothing will ever stay the way it is right now.

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