Sunday, November 11, 2012

Priorities Are Decisions Are Choices Are Feelings

Oh man! i have got to take a little break from breaking my back in my bathroom, which has not been cleaned thoroughly since we moved into this house a few years ago!  So as the work gets a sweat worked up, my thoughts turned to the WHY i allowed this room to get into such a neglected state!  I only made trouble for myself by frequently choosing not to spend time in here cleaning - and rushing to keep rooms clean that others would be seeing.

I have only been going in there when I had to and everytime I rushed out of the room I would think, I've GOT to take a few minutes and clean this bathroom!

Well finally I just could not stand the sight of the dusty dirty molding around the baseboards; the thick dust on the floor around the back of the toilet; the gray blanket of dust over the tub which i only use for throwing laundry into baskets.  I'm good about cleaning the toilet and shower stall but all around them is DISGUSTING.  I had non-slip mats placed all around the floor that hadn't been washed since i bought them over a year ago.  The container with the toilet cleaning equipment was so dirty i couldn't see what color it is.

I mean this room was FILTHY!  Needless to say i don't let anybody in here, EVER!

So TODAY is the day and I feel good about my feeling to choose to decide that my priorities have to include luxurious time spent making a room enjoyable even though no one else will see it but me.

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