Saturday, August 27, 2016

Grammaw World

Well, i don't write very often.  Usually things run pretty much the same around here.  Time passes so fast, by the time dinner's over and the dishes washed, it's time to get to bed.  Just like everyone, I suppose.

Air conditioning is miraculous, i'm so glad i don't have to live without it.  This summer has been one of the hot ones.  We have several fans going throughout the house to keep even cooler.

The political scene being so boring has helped me get away from watching TV at all.  In fact i gave my television away and reduced the number of channels that we pay for.  Nowadays i just get my news from the radio and whatever i see on visits to facebook. 

A few things we accomplished this summer, include finding a qualified bass teacher for our granddaughter Zoë, who is studying double bass.  She already is a fantastic musician.  This year she's a junior.  Her 17th birthday is in October, I can't believe it.  She has escaped the terrible brooding, sullen type of teenage-hood and retained her sweet authentic personality in spite of all the unpleasant things she has had to endure in her life.

Granddaughter has many friends and opportunities to enjoy these days, but she never neglects homework and study.  She has so much self-discipline and constantly reviews her goals and challenges herself.

We all have taken up the coloring book craze and everyone has their own.  We share the really good coloring pencils from Prismacolor and it is so fun to sit around the table coloring while we talk.

I've been downsizing just to make it easier to clean house.  We gave away two rustic wooden porch chairs and an area rug tonight.  Printers and dishes, bric-a-brac and lamps, drapes and clothes.  We're never going to have time to sit out on the porch anymore, why keep porch furniture!  The table and umbrella are going tomorrow.

Our 39th anniversary is next week.  Another chance to appreciate the good life we have built together.

Christmas plans begin during Labor Day weekend.  First we get the address list updated for sending cards.  By the end of September we'll have them stamped and ready to mail in early December.

I know what I'm getting for Christmas - Zoë promised to learn touch typing and stop doing the hunt and peck.  She's been resisting for years but we found a good program and she's putting in 10 minutes a day.  I don't understand why they're not offering typing or keyboarding in school, especially since they want to drop cursive handwriting instruction and driver's ed!  Those are the main things people need to know.

Well that's what's really going on in my corner of Earth right now.