Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanks For the Commercials!

Being online is great!  Just consider the enormous amount and variety of things we can now buy over the internet that just a few years ago would have seemed impossible! 

One internet company currently making a big push is  They have frequent radio commercials and today they sent me an info cd in the mail, offering a free digital scale, free this, free that, which would amount to $50 in savings.  I can open an account with them and never have to ride to the post office again!

It seemed like a great deal, offering convenience and savings of both time and money.  I've learned to look up other peoples' opinions of great offers like these, on the internet, very conveniently.  People are anxious to help everyone by telling about their own experiences with products and purveyors, and they bring up aspects that might not have occurred to me, which is appreciated.

After looking at every angle i decided to use the USPS website, which does not charge a usage fee.  But thanks to the vendor who put me in the mood to find out about printing postage at home.

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