Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Good Habit Can Be Addicting

Recently i decided that a worthwhile goal for me to set for myself is writing a post for my blog every day.  It's not easy to pick a topic, they aren't just hanging in the air waiting to be expounded upon.  This morning as i reflected yet again about my addiction to eating more than is good for me, the thought occurred that there are some good habits getting established that i feel addicted to, as well.

One is getting my bed made before leaving the bedroom every morning.  I became convinced of the value of having the bedroom looking neat and nice, after reading feng shui books!  Now the habit is established at last - and i feel addicted to that good feeling i get when i go through the bedroom.

The other has to do with getting up at a regular time every morning, and going to bed early enough to feel good when six a.m. arrives!  I'm addicted to morning coffee, and when that alarm sounds, the thought of coffee is a huge motivation to get moving and feel happy to greet the day.  There is much more time to get things done when feeling energetic enough to use the morning hours.  The whole house looks better.  Laundry is caught up - the washer gets up as soon as i do. 

So i like having a coffee addiction and changing from a surly riser into an early riser, yes!

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Marytoo said...

YESSSS!!!! I am an incurable early riser. There is nothing like getting a head start on today.

I originally started getting up early when I had the house full of kidlets. Before everyone got up was prime time (only time, really) that somebody didn't want something from me. Now they are all grown up and moved out, but I still have the habit. It's still prime time ... one HUUUUGE benefit is the phone does not usually start ringing for a couple of hours, though we have had the occasional call needing a chimney sweep as early as 6am... HUH???