Saturday, September 24, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Take Away the Duvet

It's a culture on its own - just like the green ceramic egg for grilling meats; or the insane preoccupation with Volkswagens - it's a down comforter, the DUVET.  Pronounced dooVAY.  So warm, so light.  Like sleeping under a cloud, so unbelievably comfortable.

Each thing you get needs more things to go with it.  The accessories make it better and more fun so you get more out of it.

Don't worry about the pristine snow white fabric - we can buy a duvet cover and then you don't have to clean the duvet.  It's a blanket for the blanket! Just throw the duvet cover into the washer.

Well we didn't know enough about how to wrestle that huge blanket into its envelope, so it was quite a tussle.  Once it was spread into the cover and the edges all matched up, there was no way to keep the comforter from sliding around in there.

There was a lot more cover than there was duvet and the excess bunched up.  It was more difficult to make the bed than ever.  And every morning the entire business was covering more of the floor than the bed.

We now have a duvet cover to donate and a comforter to drop off at the dry cleaner.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Freakin' STRESS Fix

A vivid memory I have, is a meeting where the point of the talk was stress relief. "Many people think they should attend fewer meetings to lessen the stress they are coping with. But it's not the MEETINGS causing stress, it's all the other things in your life you are trying to get done! Just let all those things go and the stress will be alleviated."
Things like paying your bills so you can have AC and electricity and your kids can go to the orthodontist and have food on the table?
"Oh sister, you are lacking faith in Jehovah!"
Really? That's funny, because I just can't remember the last time Jehovah paid my electric bill.
How about eliminating meetings so I can work more hours every week and earn more money and still have twice the energy left at the end of the day - because of NO MEETINGS.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

MLM Is Not For MLP

So...multi level marketing. "This product is too good to sell in stores the normal retail way."

What they mean is, the customers also do the marketing FOR the distributor. Plus, typically these products cost 3 times more than they should. WHY, when they are spending nothing to bring this great stuff to market?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - MLM's!