Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rocking and Beading

Twelve-twelve-twelve has come and gone, no thrills or lottery wins but a nice day just the same.

Today is stick to the workbench and meet a deadline, with the help of beloved with the Jesse Cook station.  But i can't get my neglected blog off my mind and just get in the beadZone!

Lean Cuisine meals are just 5 or 6 Weight Watcher's Points and delicious.  It's a big help when i don't feel like taking time away from beading to fix something myself.  They have a salmon and veggie that's really good.

Today is sunny and clear after nearly a week's worth of dark cloudy days, but the temps have chilled down.  I moved the potted geraniums inside for a visit, trying to save their buds and blooms a little longer.

Tomorrow night begins Grandkid Weekend, and I can't wait to see that girl.  She plays double bass in the orchestra at her school, and I got to see her Tuesday night in the concert.  She has really learned to read music and play well!  It's exciting to be there and see her enjoyment of the whole experience.

Speaking of music, there's another exciting event this Saturday night that we're looking forward to sharing with Grandkid, and that is a live Rolling Stone concert on pay per view TV!  To see those old guys can still rock out better than ANYONE in the scene today is extremely fun and encouraging to us kids in old people mode.

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