Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Thing Is Always a Top Priority

Right here next to the typing keyboard i have sticky notes to remind me of business hours for places we need.  The post office, so we can ship things that have sold on ebay, or pick up important certified mail from the Internal Revenue Service, or sometimes something arrives that we want, like a check.

So then we need to be on time to get to the bank and get the check deposited.  It's not easy to remember banker's hours!  So i keep a reminder nearby. 

The third reminder that i glance at several times a week is by far the most important - the Dump.  It's called the Recycling Center but i refer to it as The Dump because that's what we do there.

Dumping is vital to healthy living and the more of it we can do, the healthier we become.

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Marytoo said...

I just loooooove the dump! And trash day is Fun Day.