Thursday, December 27, 2012

For a Little Light Relief

Washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen up is nice after a big movie snack day.  We watched The Campaign which had some good funny parts and some horrible stuff too.  After that we watched that Steve Carell movie about the end of the world - surprisingly and thoroughly boring.

Then this morning was a two-pan breakfast!  Huge pile of scrambled eggs with cheese, corned beef hash and raisin toast.  It was great but hours later the kitchen is still a mess.

The neighborhood is nice and quiet this week.  Even the grocery store was pleasant and easy to get shopping done quickly.  Cool temps with a little wind but lots of sunshine make a great day here in north Georgia country.

So Holiday Week has a lot to be said for it, even if you don't get into it whole hog.  With school out and people staying home or out of town, errands like running into the post office are so much easier. 
Of course everybody you run into is a bit subdued, especially any customer service at Walmart. I guess they feel bad about Christmas being done and over.  I always give a big thank you but their attitudes don't improve any.  Maybe if I looked more like this gal:

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