Friday, October 5, 2012

Imagine Images

There are lots of electronic toys in active popular usage now that recent generations would not have understood no matter how many times they read about them.  I remember thinking just a few years ago, when I first heard talk of a cellular telephone with a built-in camera, that there would never be a reason for me to have a camera with my telephone!

Now I can't imagine not having my phone-cam within inches of my reach at all times!  Yesterday I was stopped in traffic on a street where the county fair is held every October.  Once a year busy traffic is interrupted so people can turn into the parking lot, and then walk across to get into the fair enclosure.

Instead of finding the delay irritating, I can reach for the phone camera and snap photos that otherwise I would never have had! 

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Marytoo said...

I think I need to start using my phone cam!