Sunday, October 21, 2012

Comedy in Real Life

Sometimes i tune in and yesterday while grocery shopping with Papacito i was fortunate to hear a hilarious exchange between a young mom and her nice young son.

This lady seemed to be enjoying herself, as her son and daughter followed her through the store.  She was keeping them up to date on how much longer they would be there, and what items on the list they still needed.

"Let's see, we got the vegetables and the chicken quarters..."

There was a moment, and then i heard him ask, with that questioning disbelief in his voice, "...chicken QUARTERS??!"  She just answered Yes, with no explanation.  Maybe she was waiting for the next question.

As we rounded the corner i just about lost all my good sense, i laughed so hard.  I had to explain the episode to Steve.  Then he nearly had to pick up his crazy laughing wife after he remarked, "What we need is chicken DOLLARS!"

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