Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Massive Loss

Count your blessings, is how the comfort sounds when you sustain huge losses of any kind. Haven't we all heard it so many times. Now we as a family of humans will have to count our blessings and stay busier than ever before in our lives, to cope with the unbelievable grief and pain as our beautiful dreamy beaches are destroyed. The domino effect is rapidly bringing up the rear. From the smallest bits of food to the giant creatures living in the sea; from the sea to the sky to the wind to the seafood-eating diners to the fishers and coastal dwellers of every kind who take their living from the sea around the world, grief and loss will have to be endured.

How will all the lives change - we will know too soon and for too long. Inevitable change of the quality of life and the very existence of life.

From where I take my viewpoint, it's hard to see well enough to count the blessings - which will be disappearing faster than they can be counted.

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