Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun With Catalogs

The best fun to be had with catalogs is figuring out which are dispensable and throwing them into the recycle. They are just beautiful and the end result of untold hard work of many people. But keeping them all is unthinkable. Then the catalogs with photographs of continuing inspiration can actually be used creatively. So that kind of sifting goes on for a time. Turning on the music helps the process go well. We have found many forgotten treasures sitting in boxes waiting to be appreciated. The tedbear from grandkid got me going this evening! His little sweater says, "Grandma is a Mom...without the rules." She picked it up at a yard sale with her own money several years ago and knowing how much a kid wanted to make her grammaw happy is better than gold. Then a little container of paperclips turned up - at last! I thought I had looked everywhere for it but it's always the last box from the move of over a year ago, where you find the really good stuff.

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Marytoo said...

Marina, we are going through everything with a vengeance. Three boxes to Goodwill yesterday, two more today, and I will have a couple more before the day is over.