Saturday, April 27, 2013

Five Minute Friday: FRIEND

Five Minute Friday
FRIEND:  Friend or foe, how do you know?  It takes time for me to figure it out.  I've been totally wrong many times!  Some people just aren't good for us.  Other people really care about us and those shouldn't be taken for granted!  Friendship really is a thing that can be nourished and developed like a flowering shrub.  Included is appreciation, forbearance, tolerance and recognition.  Deep, close, superficial, fake, long or short, beneficial, destructive are all different kinds of descriptions of Friendship.

True friendship would include equality and only self-control as opposed to being Controlling.


Heidi said...

I like reading your blog. And you are RIGHT. Some people really *aren't* good for us. The life lesson I seem to have to re-learn every few years is that there really are people who are not only NOT on your side. I hate that. I included a link to my personal blog.

Sterling River said...

Thank you, Heidi! Here's one person definitely on your side, you wild woman! I am checkin' out your blog, and appreciate that too.♥