Saturday, March 9, 2013

How Did This Grocery Chain Get So Smart

Going in to shop at this store really is a pleasure, as their motto promises.  In this store a 60 year old grandmother is treated with just as much courtesy by the cashier as the previous customer - a handsome young 30-ish gentleman.

You don't find that in very many places anymore.  The best I can reasonably expect is to only have to repeat myself two times.  It doesn't even phase me if the counterperson at the oil changing place takes the man behind me first.  That's just how it goes, gray-headed overweight old dowdy non rich-looking woman! 

I'm used to being ignored by waitresses in restaurants if I'm unaccompanied by a male person.  I'm used to seeing the lady pharmacist's brilliant smile fade as she turns to me.  That smile was for the executive in a nice suit who was in line ahead of me.  "Yes?" she barks.  "Can I HELP you?"

But Publix has a sacred tradition that seems to have served them well.  Their employees treat customers with a welcoming attitude and they do not discriminate between male and female or between young and old. 

I feel happy when I go there to shop.  I don't feel depressed because I'm too old to be appreciated, or that my business is not wanted.

Everybody gets old.  It's not a choice!  It's something that happens just because time is going by.  Publix is one company that has decided to be polite and kind to all their customers, not just the young ones.

Being perceived as invisible is extremely tiresome but at Publix people can see me.


Marytoo said...

Sounds great! I would shop at Publix, but we don't have one. time we come and visit you, that's where I'm going!

Sterling River said...

I know, you gotta experience them! of course there are places where people are not rude but none of them are as consistent as these folks!

Marytoo said...

Chick-fil-A is like that. UNfailingly polite. Every last one of them.