Saturday, March 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday, REMEMBER

Five Minute Friday

Okay, i know it's Saturday but it still counts.  I was gone all day on Friday, Remember?  Hah!

Remember stuff that isn't painful, that's what i tell myself constantly.  Sometimes something pops in that makes me groan aloud!  Then I say, Think of something else!  Think of something else!

Remember that time my cousin and I were aiming hose water at passing cars when we were about five?

Remember that time I was chosen to be part of a young people's concert at Theatre Under the Stars?

Remember that time Steve and I got married at the county courthouse and the air seemed pink as we left the building?

Remember when that Lord Mayor at the Renaissance Festival made me laugh so hard I almost couldn't breathe?


Marytoo said...

I REMEMBER LOTS of things about YOU!

Marytoo said...

Even though I hardly remember what day it is anymore!

Heidi Rettig said...

I like this alot. Especially the part about getting married at the courthouse because on May 24 - I'm going to marry my college sweetheart at the local courthouse and I'm going to wear pink shoes. And the part about your cousin and the hose. I remember lots of good times with my brothers and sister when we were young. Both boys are gone now, I'm sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

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Sterling River said...

HEIDI, you're a pal! what a thrill, thank you for commenting - congratulations on your marriage! Getting married at the courthouse to me is the best way. I never regretted it - cuts down on a lotta stress and saves tons of money and time.

Hope you and your sis have lots of good times♥