Sunday, November 8, 2009

Music For Laundry

I'm enjoying a cd called Join the Band, by Little Feat, along with a quiet sunny Sunday morning. Which is a good thing, given the current news and our own difficult past few days, trying to get the clothes dryer vent situated and operating correctly. With the louvered doors enclosing the laundry cubby in the kitchen, it seems natural to want them closed while the noisy machines are on. But - to close them, the dryer has to be pushed back to the wall. This causes no end of disruption to all the connections of pipe and tape. After 17 trips to the hardware store, endless conferences with the knowledgeable people and online searches, driving 100 miles to the Big Chicken kfc in Marietta to meet a craigslist seller to buy a small dryer for $75 which was incapable of drying two pairs of jeans and three shirts, so ended up in the basement while the original troublesome dryer was brought back up the stairs and wrestled back into the small space with the misaligned outside vent connection, purchase of two different "periscope" connectors, miles of metal pipe and metal tape - this morning the dryer is sitting WAY out from the wall, but drying all the laundry VERY well. So, whadya want, dry clothes or to be able to close the doors - I just had to get a little perspective.

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