Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Incur Bills - Pay Bills

There is a doctor in our locale who has built a reputation for not paying his bills.  We are one of his victims.

As I looked up his name on the internet to read his reviews, I thought about how much of the time professionals in positions of trust are held up as examples worth following.

But are these exalted individuals entitled to see themselves as exempt from ordinary obligations?

Turns out many people have not been paid for services rendered to this doctor.  Reviews from 2009 and onward sound the warning as to his predilection for making arrangements with tradespeople and then stiffing them without any explanation or returning calls inquiring about a payment timeline.

Included in reviews about him are some loyal patients who stated their opinion that it was nobody's business if he didn't pay his bills - as long as he was providing good patient care!  How many piles of dough are these people sitting on, to where they don't even think businesses should be paid for their services and labor and materials?

As a young person I worked in restaurants and depended on tips to support myself.  To this day my family and I do not choose to dine out if we are unable to leave a proper tip.

By the same token we do not call a painter or a pressure washing service or an electrician or a plumber if we are unable to pay for their services.

Living by this rule is important, to avoid being a hypocrite who wants to be treated better than he treats others.  Treating others as you would wish to be treated applies to all matters and encounters.

Your reputation precedes you and will be around after you're gone, Doctor.  

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