Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Truth in Your Lifestream

This one belongs to earth and ground
Within his grasp and reach is bound
the chords and notes and box of sound.
a teacher’s heart with artist dreams.
A living canvas sets the scene
Of the truth in your lifestream


To give the price of freedom
Is your whole thought complete
The music in your hands is like the food you eat
The source or force of how you run
is like a forest green
Be kind or sweet for when you meet
with all the truth in your lifestream.

How long will you ask the question,
Can you write what you will need?
You own the thread to sew your bluejeans
and the truth in your lifestream.

If it’s never gonna happen, never get to feel or fight
The person in your dawning morning
Has to crumble from your sight
The particle allowed a scream
but suffocated in the scrimmage
Do not refuse to see your image
within the truth of your lifestream.

Going nowhere takes the courage
you might use for living free
Breath of someone’s tired sighing
brings you sinking to your knees
Failing, twisting in the pitfall
of another’s likes, to please.
Through the fear, let life be dear
as all the truth in your lifestream.



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