Wednesday, July 27, 2011

May I PLEASE Be Allowed To Enjoy The Yard I've Paid For?

Well, you can't beeleeve, the lady across the street finally was standing next to my yard as i pulled up to our driveway, waiting for her dog to get through with his digging and rolling around on our grass.  She smiled at me, so i stopped and rolled down the window.  HI! i said.  I've been hoping he wouldn't have to keep using our yard anymore, okay? 

Her eyes got big, like she was very surprised.  She said, WHAT?  I said, Would you please not allow him to use our yard?  (of course, i kept smiling as i spoke)  She looked at me like i was a big dummy, who didn't appreciate the honor of  paying a mortgage, taxes and insurance to provide a toilet for her precious darling.

 Okaaay, she said.  The way she said it, sounded like Okay for YOU!

Is there any inoffensive way to tell a neighbor who obviously is unaware of the rules in this subdivision against allowing a pet into other peoples' property, to stop using our property as her dog's personal dump?  That we have not been paying for materials and doing backbreaking yardwork simply to see the entrance to our property decimated and destroyed by her blissful ignorance?

Well, i tried my best!  I just decided to take the opportunity and get on with it.  I've been stewing and boiling every time i looked out the window and saw her stopping on the way out with her dog and again as they returned, for months now.  So i finally looked her square in the eye and came out with it.  She couldn't believe what she was hearing, and i cannot believe i needed to say it!

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Marytoo said...

It isn't ignorance. She knows. She just would rather your yard than hers.

We have a similar issue here. We do not have a dog, but we always have a pile of dog poop in the front yard. Doug says he knows who it is. So...when he sees it, he gets one of his handy-dandy throwaway gloves, scoops the poop and flings it into the offender's yard....