Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting The Clean-Up Habit

Here I are in the office awash with loose papers. Each one left on top of the desk. To be taken care of later. I guess we've reached Later. Lost my debit card today. Now I REALLY feel disorganized. After talking to the card cancellation lady I turn my attention to the mess here. Flylady calls it the Stash and Dash syndrome. NOT GOOD!

My new habit of making the bed every morning as soon as I get up, has finally taken hold. I do enjoy having the bed look neat whenever I walk in there.

So time to build a new habit! I've got the shredder here, the trash can, the sharpies for writing on file folders, filing drawers, lots of notebooks and the music playing to keep me company. Put the dang papers where they need to go - I'm too old to be this messy.

1 comment:

Marytoo said...

The bane of my life! I am drowning in paper, like yours, for "later."