Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nearly a Year

Hello, my Bloggy, here it is nine full months since we moved into our new (to us) house and tonight I'm using the oven for the first time. Naturally the kitchen window is open with a fan aimed outdoors to get rid of the stink of hot oven cleaner residue. Five sweet potatoes baking at 350 degrees should be done soon and ready for lunch tomorrow.

Our little person is visiting her mom and Papacito and me this week. Such a short time and it will go by very fast. It is so tragic to see how much she enjoys being here with us and how badly she wants to stay here. Possible changes are coming up but nothing for sure. Maybe when she's an older teen she can choose to come here on her own. That's a long time away.

The good news is that we heard my father died in 1995, and here we were thinking that the convicted pedophile was still alive somewhere. All this time we could have been enjoying his decease-ment. One less pedophile sicko in the world is a big reason to celebrate.

And a pretty blue scarf for me from Target on sale, and a box of jigsaw puzzles for grandkid, and a pack of 3 chapsticks for me, and a little wallet for grandkid, and some jeans for grandkid, and a game of Boggle for grandkid, and two cans of black beans for me, and a sweatshirt for grandkid, and a game for the Nintendo for grandkid...and a Monet poster from Goodwill. That'll do it!

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Marytoo said...

Uh.... first time using the oven in NINE MONTHS????

But...glad to hear all the good news! Enjoy the grandkid!